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Product Description

Solder Sticks and Solder Bars:

When selecting a solder alloy the following should be considered:

Electrical characteristic
Soldering temperature
Mechanical Strength and finally economy

The best combination of above properties are found in Maruti solder bar.

The following types of solder alloys are used in the electronic industry:

Sn-Pb solder
High melting solder.
Low melting solder
Silver bearing solder etc.

The quality of Maruti solder bar is best in comparison to the other solder bars available in the market. Maruti solder bar is made with extrusion process which confirms a uniform alloy composition resulting in consistent and reliable joints.

The manufacturing process is such that it eliminates the contamination of metallic oxides and virtually drives out all sulphides, non-metallic inclusion and other possible contaminations.

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